Counselling services

Whom do we counsel?

›     Victims of right-wing motivated and racist attacks
›     Relatives and friends of victims
›     Witnesses of such attacks


Who are we?

›     A civic initiative that was created with the objective of providing independent counselling
›     A heterogeneous and interdisciplinary project combining different experiences and personal situation
›     A professional counselling team comprising experts in social pedagogy
›     Member of the umbrella association of counselling centres for victims of right-wing attacks
›     First signatory of the umbrella association‘s „quality standards for counselling services“


What do we offer?

›     Counselling and emotional support following an attack and in crisis situations
›     Information about legal options (filing a police report, civil action, protection of victims)
›     Accompanying victims to the police, authorities, officials, doctors and lawyers
›     Preparation and follow-up as well as support for court cases
›     Information on financial support options, for example legal aid and compensation payments, assistance in the application process where necessary
›     Psychosocial counselling
›     Arrangement of support from other counselling centres and, if necessary, provision of therapeutic programmes
›      Public relations
›     Practical support for improving the quality of life following an attack (for example, assistance in relocating)


What are the principles of counselling?

›     We are unequivocally on the side of the victims
›     The interests, wishes and needs of the victims are put first
›     We provide counselling services throughout the country on an outreach basis
›     We guarantee confidentiality and, if requested, anonymity
›     The services are based on voluntary participation and are free of charge
›     The matter does not have to be reported to the police